Why You Should Have an Engineer Inspect Your Foundation Wyoming, MI

You’ve been having problems with your foundation. Doors are sticking, there are cracks on your foundation walls and some signs of water seepage. Your first move was to call a foundation repair company. However, after inspecting the foundation, the repair company suggested that an engineer examine your foundation. Aren’t foundation contractors supposed to take care of the problem?

Foundation Repair | Wyoming, MI

If your foundation repair contractor suggested that you have your foundation assessed by an engineer, you should be grateful. They did the right thing by choosing to understand the source of the problem instead of rushing in to fix it. Your contractor is a specialist in the physical repair of foundations. However, they can only implement an effective solution when all the information is available to them.

Why have a structural engineer examine your foundation?

  1. They are qualified

Structural engineers have the right skills and knowledge to assess the damage on your foundation and determine its cause. They will help you understand the root cause. Their report will help the foundation repair company determine the best solution for your particular problem.

  1. They won’t try to sell anything to you

Hiring an independent structural engineer ensures that you get an unbiased report of the state of your foundation. You won’t have to worry about the engineer trying to sell you any repair system. Their job is to assess the state of your foundation, period. That is exactly what you’ll get with their report.

  1. You’ll have true peace of mind

With an engineer’s assessment, you can be sure that the solution you implement will address the issues identified. You won’t be going by hearsay or by the suggestions of a salesperson. You’ll have a reliable report to refer to when considering the solutions before you.

What to do with the engineer’s report

Now that you’ve had your foundation examined, you may be wondering what to do next. The easy answer is to refer back to the foundation repair contractor that suggested you have the foundation assessed in the first place. They will guide you on selecting a repair solution based on the issues the engineer identified and their recommendations.

Be sure to go with a solution that is comprehensive and that will provide long term benefits. The solution should be aimed at addressing the root cause of the foundation failure.

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