What to Expect When Getting Quotes for Foundation Repair | Holland, MI

What to Expect When Getting Quotes for Foundation Repair

So you’re experiencing foundation damage. You’re probably wondering what to do to ensure that your foundation is repaired properly and your home made safe once again. You may be wondering how you can identify a foundation repair contractor that you can trust.

The best way to identify a reliable contractor is by getting free quotations from different contractors and comparing them. You not only need to assess the quotes you get, but also your experience with the contractor during the quotation process.

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The following is what you should expect from a reliable contractor.

  1. They will visit your home before they provide you with a quote

No matter how much detail you provide on the phone or in an email, it doesn’t compare to the amount of information that a contractor can gather through a physical inspection of the home. A professional contractor will insist on visiting your home to perform a physical inspection before they can provide you with an estimate. This inspection helps them to identify the root cause and determine the best solution.

  1. They will inspect the outside of your home

Foundation problems often originate from the outside of the home. There are various factors that can contribute the problem including leaky gutters, poor drainage of the landscape and much more. Resolving these issues is part of foundation repair. If they are not resolved as part of the repair of your foundation, you are likely to suffer foundation damage again.

  1. They will provide you with a customized solution

No two homes are the same. If your neighbor had a leaky basement and had their foundation repaired recently, don’t expect to have the same solution applied to your basement. The contractor ought to recommend a solution that is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

  1. They will be willing to provide you with more information

It’s important to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into before you sign the dotted line. The contractor should be willing to answer any questions you may have. They will provide you with information about their proposed solution and how it will meet your specific needs.

It is important to research the solution on your own. Read reviews about it and the contractor to see what other customers have to say about the topic.

Search for a contractor that has a good track record and is willing to go the extra mile to provide you with a long term solution to your foundation issues.