Waterproofing: The Key Step Before Your Basement Finishing Project‏ | Kentwood, MI

When many homeowners are looking for extra living space, they often turn to the basement. It’s the perfect solution, because it turns that space into something useful and needed. However, many people make the mistake of taking on a basement finishing project before completing an important step: waterproofing.

Imagine you’ve finally completed your basement finishing project and it’s the space you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’ve transformed it into a playroom for the kids, a media room to watch your favorite games and movies, or a man cave for the guys to hang out in. After hours and hours of work, and thousands of dollars, the space is finished, and you couldn’t be happier. Now imagine you have to rip it all out and start over again.

As heartbreaking as that sounds, that is the reality for so many people who don’t bother to waterproof their basement. They think, “It won’t happen to us,” or “We never get any water in our basement.” Then the sump pump fails for some reason or the storm of the century blows through and they have to go through the process of not only ripping out work that was already done, but trying to find the motivation to do it again.

It doesn’t take much water to cause significant damage in a basement. Just a little will ruin most flooring material and require you to replace walls. Often appliances, furniture, and electronics need to be replaced. Then you have to deal with the issue of mold growth and the hassle that comes with that possibility.

You can easily avoid these issues with one simple step: basement waterproofing. If you’re in the Michigan area and ready to finish your basement, contact us. We will assess your foundation and drainage and take steps to make sure your new investment is protected from water. We provide a professional service in a reasonable amount of time because we know you want to get on with the fun part of your project.