Letting Your Building Breathe with EZ Breathe in Midland MI

EZ Breathe

If you are concerned about the health of your household, one of your top priorities ought to be ensuring that your home is well ventilated. A home that breathes is healthy. Indoor air circulation is vital for a healthy home environment.

How air enters and leaves the home

Air enters and leaves the home through the following ways:

  1. Open doors and windows

It is important to open your doors and windows to allow fresh air in and let stale air out. This is the most effective way of encouraging air circulation in the home.

  1. Spot ventilation

This includes devices that are used to circulate area in a particular room such as exhaust fans or room fans.

  1. Small openings

These include cracks, joints and other small openings in floors, around pipes and other parts of the home. This is common in older buildings.

  1. Mechanical systems

These include whole house ventilation systems such as HVAC systems that circulate air around the home. EZ breathe is a revolutionary system that forces fresh air from the outside into the house and exhausts stale air from within the home out of the home.

The challenge of poor ventilation

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air in homes today is more polluted than outdoor air. This is because many homes today are built for energy efficiency. These air tight buildings don’t allow air to circulate from the inside out and vice versa. This results in stale air being recycled by HVAC systems in the home.

The problem with this is:

  1. Harmful gases such as carbon monoxide will build up to deadly levels in the home as a result of poor ventilation.
  2. Levels of humidity increase as a result of poor ventilation. This results in moisture damage which in turn results in wood rot and mold growth.
  3. Other pollutants such as mold spores, radon gas and much more build up in homes with poor ventilation.

How to improve ventilation and protect your health

One of the best ways to improve ventilation in your home is by ensuring that air from the outside is allowed to enter the home and stale air is removed. You can achieve this and still ensure that your home remains energy efficient by investing in EZ Breathe. This whole house system is designed to encourage ventilation throughout the whole home. It is virtually maintenance free and energy efficient. It is the ideal system for those who want to save energy and promote a healthy home environment.