How to Improve Indoor Air Quality Using an EZ Breathe Ventilation System

EZ Breathe Ventilation System

How clean is your home indoor air? Well, every homeowner will claim that their home is always in mint condition. For this reason, you have invested in the best HVAC system to ensure the indoor air quality is perfect.

The Risk of Poor Air Ventilation

However, the United States EPA begs to differ as it has classified indoor air quality among the top 5 environmental risks. According to EPA, indoor air is almost 5 times more polluted than external air and this is one major cause of health problems in modern society.

The problem according to Basement Health Association (BHA) lies in ineffective air ventilation system. The conventional ventilation units and basement dehumidifiers do not ensure circulation of clean air but instead aid in the circulation of polluted indoor air putting your family at risk. This is where the new EZ Breathe ventilation system comes in handy.

Enter the EZ Breathe Ventilation System

This system works on the simple principle of air exchange. Instead of circulating the air in the house, it draws out the moist polluted air in the basement and transports it outside and in the same cycle brings in fresh, dry air, which is then circulated throughout the house.

This is the best alternative to the closed loop ventilation system that is installed in older homes. The multiple cycles of air exchange guarantee quality air in every room and reduce contaminants that can cause disease. This patented system is versatile and serves multiple purposes at the same time including:

  1. Odor removal: Odors can ruin the air quality in any indoor space but through exchange of stale air with fresh air, they are easily eliminated through this new technology.
  2. Moisture control: High moisture presence in your home is not only a health risk but also causes rot and rust. In the basement, structural components supporting the foundation can be weakened compromising the integrity of the house.
  3. Prevention of mold growth: High humidity levels can lead to mold/mildew growth. Mold spores are allergens that can cause asthmatic attacks and other respiratory problems. The new EZ Breathe ventilation system keeps humidity levels at minimal levels to avert mold infestation.
  4. Radon gas elimination: Radon gas is found in soil and if there are gaps in the basement walls, it will eventually find its way into the main house. To avoid this, regular air exchanges are important to maintain acceptable levels of this toxic gas indoors.
  5. Elimination of combustion gases: A study in support of the Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves says indoor pollution caused by combustion causes over 4 million deaths. Gases and particles from combustion such as CO and Nitrogen Oxide (NO2). The new ventilation system helps clean the air indoors to avoid such fatalities.

This is the ultimate ventilation system for your home; it protects your homes and your property too. Contact us today to learn more!