Why StablWall is a Great Choice for Permanent Repair of Foundation Cracks in Saginaw MI

Foundation Cracks in Saginaw MI

When you’re faced with foundation cracks, you want to ensure that you have a permanent solution. This ensures that you won’t have to deal with the problem ever again.

Foundation cracks are often a sign of deeper problems affecting your foundation. They often occur when there is pressure on the wall from lateral forces of the soil surrounding the foundation or hydrostatic pressure.

Many homeowners turn to solutions that address the cracks and not the cause of the cracks. This often includes using a DIY crack repair solution. However, this is only placing a cork on a time bomb and hoping it won’t explode. The problem is bound to get worse down the line.

StablWall offers a long term solution to your foundation problems. The solution features carbon fiber that is installed in the cracked walls. It creates a permanent and strong bond that is able to resist the forces on the wall. The sheets are therefore able to stop further movement in the wall. You won’t have to worry about cracks in the future.

Why StablWall?

  • Convenient

Repairing foundations can be time-consuming. It can also be labour intensive and disruptive to you and your household. Installing carbon fiber sheets takes a short time and is minimally invasive. There is no excavation involved.

  • Save money

Repairing cracks resulting from hydrostatic or lateral pressure can be expensive. StablWall offers a cheaper and more permanent way to repair your wall. The installation is not labour intensive and the materials used are cheap. Installation can be completed in a matter of hours saving you a lot of money in man-hours.

  • Durable solution

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials available in the construction industry. It can withstand a great deal of pressure. You can therefore be sure that your wall will withstand the pressure from surface water or saturated soil. You don’t have to worry about having your wall repaired ever again.

  • Good for aesthetics

Whether you have a finished basement or plan to have it finished in the future, you’ll want to have a beautifully finished wall. The thin sheets can be painted over for a great finish. They aren’t bulky either. You won’t lose any floor space following their installation.

If you’re considering different solutions for the repair of foundation cracks, be sure to consider StablWall as one of your top options.