Foundation Cracks – What to Look For

Foundation Cracks

A house can be likened to a human body. In most cases, everything seems and looks fine, but there can be diseases and illnesses festering under the surface. People don’t even realize what happened till it may be too late to do anything about it.

So where it concerns your house, you should always keep a keen eye open to signs and symptoms that may be there. Foundation cracks are one of the many signs and symptoms of something bigger and more drastic.

Foundation weaknesses may be manifest in different ways. Here are a few such ways that are not strictly foundation cracks, that may be a bigger issue.

Tight doors, windows and entry ways

If your door suddenly got tight and would not sit in place like it is supposed to, do not take it easy. It may be bad carpentry, but if more than one door, especially doors on the same plane, are acting the same way and pinching in the exact same direction, it could be a deeper issue.

Don’t forget to look for cracks that may have formed over archways and over the edges of windows and doors. If the crack is widest at the edge and tapers off, it has to be looked into.

The stresses of movement from the foundation will show up in a magnified way on the upper floors. While it might as well be badly fitted frames, if the problem gets worse by the day, it may be time to get your foundation checked.

Wall leaning

Walls, for the most part, are designed to stand upright and straight. Modern buildings have walls as fillers between the structural pillars, so they are not really designed to be load bearing.

If load is placed on them, they will lean. Leaning may be hard to notice, but bowing, cracking along an axis, and cracks that run full lengths of walls are not to be taken lightly.

So if you notice your walls, any walls, bending or bowing, it may be a foundation related stress. In many cases, your eyes may not notice a small variation in angle. Walls are often used as points of reference because we compare the straightness of things on the walls around us do not go by sight alone.

Don’t forget, foundation cracks are not always the first signs and in fact, it can take a while before they are readily noticeable.

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