Different Methods of Crawl Space Foundation Repair in Holland MI 49422

Crawl Space Foundation Repair in Holland MI 49422

Homeowners often search high and low for advice on crawl space foundation repair in Holland MI 49422. They talk to friends, people at the home improvement store, and read Internet message boards.

So while this is great for the DIY homeowner seeking answers, it often leads to advice that is unfounded and outdated, taking the homeowner on a wild goose hunt with no goose.

In this post, we’ll talk about various ways to fix your crawl space problems… the right way.

Crawl Space Jack Posts

These handy jacks fix sagging floors and give life back to your foundation. Structural damage is fixed, and your crawl space is once more functional. Further, the high-strength steel jack posts stabilize foundations so future problem are held at bay.

Helical Pier Foundation Repair Systems

Not always best for home foundations, and suited more for porches, patios, and many lighter structures, helical pier foundation repair systems stop sagging structures quickly and easily. Once screwed into the foundation, helical pier systems offer a less messy system that works well in many situations.

Crawl Space Supports

As the soil settles and shifts under a home, and as moisture enters the foundation, the results are sagging beams, mold, and crawl space problems. Steel supports designed to stabilize your home called crawl space supports are installed to act as a counter-measure against foundation problems.

Wall Anchors

Outside pressure, along with a settling foundation, causes bowing and lateral damage. Wall anchors can be installed for extra foundation support and reinforce any structural problems at hand. Wall anchors are a nominal (and less expensive) alternative to rebuilding basement walls or replacing joists.

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