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by Terry and Susan Swanger on EverDry Waterproofing of Greater Grand Rapids

We have been very happy with our experience with EveryDry. We have had several visits, that have mostly been handled in a timely fashion. I recommend keeping up with your warranty. We have a challenging area, due to limestone and challenging water levels.

EverDry Waterproofing

We had EverDry waterproof our basement 25 years ago & it is still dry! We had standing water all winter & in the Spring sometimes 6 inches or more with heavy rain! Anytime we had a problem with our pump they came immediately to replace it! It is well worth the money, best thing we ever did for our home! They are a great company!

Everdry is a excellent company

I have had ever dry since 1998. The only thing i have had to have done is a new pump. Which didn't cost me a thing. They came out right away. My basement is always dry. When you call they are prompt to answer. They seem to have a staff that have been around a long time.

Dry basement

Bought this house with a inch of standing water in basement. First project was everdry and it only took them 3 days to put there system in. We have never had water in basement again!

Satisfied Customer

In 2009 we had an unprecedented high water table in our area. Our half-basement flooded for the first time ever. EverDry was the company we chose for the "fix." In the years following we've only had to call them one time when a pipe sprung a leak. They promptly addressed the problem. Our equipment continues to be there providing insurance against future problems. I have also spoken with company representatives over the phone several times. They have been helpful in answering my questions and providing the information I needed. We have been happy with EverDry!

stand by their word

I had everdry waterproof my basement 16 years ago. I never had trouble again with a wet basement. Over the years my sump pump would need to be replaced, or if I was concerned it wasn't working correctly, I would get immediate service to replace it. No trying to FIX it, complete replacement. Great service for YEARS now.

Quick action

On 4-10-17 at 1:00 pm I call and said I had water in crawl space at 2:00 pm they were here and at 2:45 pm they were done. I just love my waranty I pay every year. They are awesome and respectful.

by Douglas & Kathy Hartger on EverDry Waterproofing of Greater Grand Rapids
Satisfied customer

We have had EverDry Waterproofing installed several years ago. We have had no problems in our basement. We appreciate that if we do have any problems they will be over to help us.

Good service

We moved into a house with an everdry system in the basement, we continue to just pay the warrenty each year and have had great service. We have had a sub pump replaced free of charge even though it wasnt originally installed by this company.


We used to have a mess every time it rained. With Everydry the basement is always dry. Anytime there was a problem they came right out and took care of it. They have replaced sump pumps at no cost. I couldn't be any happier with their service.

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