What Causes Crawl Space Mold in Grand Rapids MI?

Crawl Space Mold in Grand Rapids MI

Crawl space mold in Grand Rapids MI is a serious issue and if it is found, it will surely be pointed out to you by any kind of appraiser. There are many reasons as to why mold grows in between crawl spaces. Here are a number of reasons as to why it grows and a quick list of the different types of mold that can grow in the crawl spaces.

Why does it grow?

Crawl space mold growth usually happens after long spells of rain, snow or when there is some sort of leak. Dripping water slowly soaking up the wood is one of the biggest and most often cited reason for mold. Another reason is when moisture starts leaving the ground and evaporates. When this occurs, the area directly above the ground will trap the escaping water and create a densely humid situation, perfect for mold. Another reason for mold growth in crawl spaces will be the change in relative humidity of crawl space air when outside air rushes in, this causes the humidity to spike intensely, resulting in more mold.

The perfect situation


crawl space mold in grand rapids mi

Spores are ubiquitous, and for them to become full blown crawl space mold in Grand Rapids MI, a few criteria have to be met. There has to be:

  • Moisture of 70{a01d7d21de2172f1b14f06a8bafcbdf0b628e8f979d68f5dde60693bc1457a76} or higher
  • Surface to grow on that supplies them with food
  • Certain range of temperature: mold will grow even inside your fridge!

Your crawl space, if it happens to have all of these, will be a breeding ground for mold, and that is something you do not want.