Here’s What You Need to Know about Professional Basement Waterproofing in Lansing MI

Basement Waterproofing in Lansing MI

When was the last time you carried out a basement improvement project? Whether it is repainting the walls or choosing a new floor, the basement gets the short straw in home improvement projects. In fact, most homeowners rarely visit this forgotten living space. It is common to hear homeowners complaining about the dampness and musty odor in the room, but they never seek a solution to the problems.

The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) over 70{a01d7d21de2172f1b14f06a8bafcbdf0b628e8f979d68f5dde60693bc1457a76} of homes beyond 7 years suffer from water leakage. This is the source of most problems associated with basements and through basement waterproofing, you can now reclaim this living space and transform into your favorite room.

Basement Water Problems in Brief

Due to the location of the basement below ground level, it becomes prone to water entry through the walls and from the ground below. Hydrostatic pressure forces ground water through any gaps on the basement floor while lateral pressure pushes water through wall cracks and any other access available.

These processes take time and if you are not keen enough, you might never notice there is a water problem in your basement. Among the telltale signs are efflorescence on the walls, water pools on the floor during floods, musty odor caused by mold, high humidity levels, wall paint damage, and floor damage among others.

Some of these warning signs are not obvious, hence the need to invest in professional basement inspection. If you have noticed any of these signs or you are in the process of finishing your basement, it is important to consult a certified basement contractor to find out more about dealing with basement water problems.

Why Invest In Basement Waterproofing?

However good your basement looks, it is important to have a contractor carry out comprehensive diagnostic tests before implementing appropriate basement waterproofing methods. Some of the advantages associated with waterproofing a basement include:

  1. Reducing health risks: Moist and damp environments encourage toxic mold growth, which leads to respiratory health complications. Waterproofing stops water leakage and mold cannot grow on dry surfaces.
  2. Protecting your home: Water entry through the walls compromises the integrity of the foundation walls. Wooden joists can rot while iron fasteners rust and this threatens your home’s strength. Waterproofing helps avert any further damage and protect your precious investment.
  3. Adding home value: Home buyers love finished basements because this is an extra room. One aspect they look for is of course waterproofing because it is proof enough that you have taken good care of the property.

Basement waterproofing revolutionizes this living space and adds more room to your home. Find an experienced basement contractor for high quality workmanship during the project.

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