Basement Rust on Pipes, Ducts and Beams | Saginaw, MI

Basement Rust

Basement rust is the product of a humid environment. It is one of the first signs that there is a water problem within your basement. However, many homeowners ignore this sign until it has caused serious damage to pipes, ducts and metal beams in the basement.

Rust doesn’t occur immediately. It is occurs over time. It is therefore a sign that the problem has been present for some time.

The Problem with Basement Rust

In many modern homes, utility lines run through the basement. These include HVAC ducts and water lines. These ducts and pipes are often made of metals such as copper, steel and iron. When these surfaces are exposed to high humidity levels, they are likely to rust over time.

Basement rust is a serious problem since it causes corrosion of pipes, ducts and beams. Structural beams that are affected by rust become weak. They therefore pose a structural threat to the home. These often require replacement to prevent a disaster.

HVAC ducts that are corroded by rust pose a health risk to households. The rusting is likely to allow the ducts to become exposed to higher levels of moisture. This in turn results in the growth of mold and other microorganisms in the ducts. Spores and other hazardous particles are then easily distributed throughout the home. This can result in serious health problems amongst the residents of your home.

The Solution

Basement rust is clearly a serious problem and should be prevented. Many homeowners use fiberglass insulation in an effort to do this. They wrap ducts and pipe with fiberglass insulation. However, this doesn’t address the underlying cause of the rusting. It simply closes the problem in and the damage is likely to continue.

Insulation can even make matters worse. Insulation will only help to harbor more colonies of microorganisms. The mold spores and other microorganisms are likely to be transferred to higher levels of the pipes, ducts or beams, making it more difficult to deal with them.

The only way to ensure that you have solved the basement rust problem is by keeping the basement dry. This is possible with the help of a professional waterproofing contractor. They will assess your basement to determine the source of the moisture. They will then provide you with possible solutions to keep moisture out of your basement. You can be sure of long-term results with the help of a professional.