How to Effectively Prevent Basement Rust in Grand Rapids MI

Basement Rust in Grand Rapids MI

Basement rust is a common problem. Rust occurs when iron combines with oxygen and water to form a hydrated iron oxide. In addition to being unattractive, it also results in the deterioration of the affected object. Items often become weak and worthless when the rust has eaten through them.

The good news is that you can effectively prevent basement rust by taking the following precautions.

  1. Waterproof your basement

In order for rust to occur in the basement, water, iron and oxygen must be present. The reaction between these elements results in the formation of rust. While you can’t remove oxygen and iron from the basement, you can control the level of water in the space by waterproofing the basement.

Get in touch with a professional waterproofing contractor to ensure that your basement is waterproof. This will prevent water from gaining access to your basement and causing items with iron to develop rust.

  1. Keep the basement dry

Waterproofing is only effective at keeping water in the ground out of the basement. However, high levels of air moisture can also cause rust formation. Keeping your basement dry after waterproofing will ensure that you prevent the formation of rust. A basement dehumidifier will be effective for this. A dehumidifier will keep humidity levels in the basement at a minimum.

  1. Coating

You can also prevent the formation of rust by ensuring that water and oxygen do not come into direct contact with iron. This can be done by using a coating such as rust-oleum epoxy shields or paint to coat the floors, structural beams or any other item that may fall victim to rust. Be sure to select paint or coating that doesn’t produce noxious fumes over time. This will ensure that the air quality in your basement and home remains good.

Dealing with stains

If you’re already dealing with rust in your basement, you may have ochre stains on your walls or on the floor. Although these stains are not harmful to your health, they can result in problems with the structure of your home.

The iron ochre that forms the stains can find its way into drainage or waterproofing systems. This can cause failure or clogging of these systems and therefore cause an even bigger moisture problem in your basement.

It is important to clean or cover these stains. Contact a professional basement contractor to help you determine the best approach to this.