4 Key Points in Dealing with Basement Dry Rot in Saginaw MI

Basement Dry Rot in Saginaw MI

Most homes today have a basement, but this also happens to be the most neglected space. The fact that it is out of sight means homeowners rarely make effort to maintain it in the best shape. The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) has listed dry rot (brown rot) caused by water leakage as a major problem affecting this space in your house.

If you are finishing your basement, you have to be on the lookout for water seepage which can cause major problems the main one being brown rot. The fact that your home’s foundation has wooden joists forming part of its support makes it risky to ignore water presence in the basement. Rot compromises the integrity of your foundation and it is important to call in a foundation contractor to test and treat the problem before remodeling the basement.

Below are some highlights to help you deal comprehensively with this type of rot and protect your home:

  1. Understanding Dry Rot

The term might be confusing, as it seems to imply that no moisture is needed for this type of rot to thrive. However, the term stuck due to the perception that this type of rot grew even in little moisture presence. The fungus Serpula lacrymans requires 28-30{a01d7d21de2172f1b14f06a8bafcbdf0b628e8f979d68f5dde60693bc1457a76} water moisture in wood to thrive. As such, any gaps allowing moisture presence into the basement should be sealed before any finishing is done.

  1. Devastating Effect of Brown Rot

A study by The American Concrete Institute (ACI) now proves that this type of rot can grow through plaster, damp concrete, and masonry, which means its spread is difficult to curtail. As such, your foundation is at a great risk if the growth of this fungus continues unabated. The same study by ACI also says over 20 billion feet of timber are ruined by wood in the U.S alone thus highlighting the need for quick treatment.

  1. Professional Rot Solutions

To deal comprehensively with dry rot, it is important to hire a waterproofing contractor. These experts have the tools and skills to get the job done. DIY projects tend to deal with the symptoms instead of the root cause, which is the water source. Your contractor will carry out an inspection to find out the water source and seal before commencing the rot treatment.

  1. Comprehensive Rot Treatment

This project requires specialized skills and extensive work on affected areas. All the affected wood, surrounding plaster, wood linings and fasteners have to be pried out. Cleaning is then done before disinfection of the entire area. The damaged wood is then replaced with treated pieces to prevent future problems.

Dry rot is dangerous to the life of your home and in case you notice the cracking of wood structures in your basement, it is important to call in a contractor immediately.