Here’s Why You Should Be Worried about Basement Dry Rot in Muskegon MI

Dry Rot in Muskegon MI

As a homeowner, it is your duty to maintain your living space in tiptop condition. While this is something every homeowner would like to do, it is easier said than done. One of the most difficult parts of the house to maintain in good condition is a basement. A major cause of concern is dealing with water seepage and the effects of such water in the basement.

Dry rot is one of the problems you have to grapple with if you don’t deal with water leakage into the basement. It is important to appreciate the reason this is a dangerous sign in your home. Whether you are finishing this part of your house or you have just stumbled upon this type of wood damage, you need to take immediate action by contacting a qualified contractor.

Why is Dry Rot Dangerous?

To answer this question, you need to appreciate that this fungus (Serpula lacrymans) is considered wood cancer by builders. It is so destructive and the fact that it requires little water to thrive means it can spread fast. It can cause untold damage to any type of structure as long as there is timber used somewhere.

This fungus works by eating proteins and sugars contained in the wood fiber. The digestion of these materials continues until there is no further moisture left in the timber. The remaining parts are in powdered form, splinters or sheets that have no strength to support your home’s foundation.

To fully treat this form of wood rot, you have to be prepared to pay top dollar with most projects ranging above $25,000. Why the cost? This is because with dry rot, there are no quick-fixes and instead you will have to remove and replace all affected areas. Now that this fungus travels even through concrete and cement, the cost of repairs can be even higher.

How to Deal with Wood Rot

Like every other homeowner, you care deeply about your home and for this reason, you need to be proactive in dealing with any threat. This is a big investment and with the danger posed by dry rot, it is advisable to deploy preventive measures to avoid structural failure or costly repairs.

The only way to prevent this wood damage is by preventing water entry into your basement. This calls for professional waterproofing solutions. In case the damage has already started, your contractor will identify the water leak and repair it, assess the extent of damage and carry out an extensive removal and replacement project. The affected areas should be treated and any wood used for replacement should also be treated to avoid further damage.