5 Innovative Solutions for Foundation Repair in Saginaw MI

Solutions for Foundation Repair in Saginaw MI

It is one of the most dreadful things when it comes to home maintenance. Yes, foundation damage startles even the most steadfast homeowner because it portends trouble. When you start noticing the tell-tale signs such as jamming doors, floor cracks, bowing walls and cracks in interior and external walls, you know there is big trouble ahead. It is safe to say that foundation repair is not a task most homeowners get very excited about.

Banking on Modern Construction Technology

Luckily, modern technology in construction has evolved rapidly to come up with effective remedies for damaged foundations.  Whatever type of problem your home is facing, there is a myriad of engineered foundation repair solutions to choose from. The best thing about these technological alternatives is the fact that they are developed by the industry making them applicable in a wide variety of situations.

While different manufacturers have patented their products, you will still find similarities in the underlying technology. The idea is to offer lasting solutions especially where a foundation is badly damaged. Main structural weaknesses such as bowing, bulging, settling, huge cracks and weakness can be corrected using these stabilization solutions.

Why Use Stabilization Technology?

Before you request for a quote from your contractor, it is important to get some brief insight on these solutions. They include:

  1. Wall anchors: These are used where structural weaknesses have led to wide cracks. This is mostly caused by soil pressure and the idea is to resist further pressure by positioning the foundation walls firmly. The anchor systems avert any further wall movement to protect your home.
  2. Piers: There are different piers in the market but the idea behind all of them is the same; offer extra strength for bowing or bulging walls to avert further damage. They are mostly fixed below damaged foundations to restore them to the right position.
  3. Slab jacking: This is used for sunken foundations to help restore them to their rightful positions. This problem occurs when the slab is poorly laid and drilling is done through the sunken slab before injecting a special mixture to raise the foundation.
  4. Carbon fiber strips: This is one of the most innovative technologies in the industry today. It involves use of strong carbon sheets together with a special adhesive to repair cracks permanently. The carbon sheets fill into the cracks and avoid further wall movements.
  5. Expanding foams: This is another unique foundation repair technique that is gaining popularity in lifting settled concrete foundations while at the same time consolidating loose soil around the walls.

These techniques can only be applied by experienced contractors. The fact that most homes are susceptible to foundation damage due to expansive soils and water pressure makes these innovative solutions timely. It is time to contact your foundation expert if you suspect any damage to your foundation and want to benefit from these innovative solutions.