4 Easy Basement Waterproofing Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry When It Gets Wet Outside Kentwood, MI

4 Easy Basement Waterproofing Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry When It Gets Wet Outside

It doesn’t matter whether your basement is finished or not; you’ll want to ensure that it stays dry when it gets wet outside. A flooded basement can lead to property damage that can be difficult and expensive to recover from.

It pays to invest in basement waterproofing instead of waiting for problems to appear. The following tips are easy to implement and will help to keep your basement dry when the weather isn’t so forgiving.

  1. Clean your septic

Septic systems tend to overflow during seasons of heavy rainfall. The excessive rain can put a strain on your septic system. This may result in the system overflowing or the pipes bursting. A flooded lawn and basement can be disgusting and even worse, it could be a health hazard. This mess can be expensive to get rid of.
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To avoid experiencing problems with your septic system, have it inspected and cleaned out annually.

  1. Check your gutters

Your gutters are an important part of your basement waterproofing system. Clogged or leaking gutters, as well as downspouts that drain too close to the foundation, can result in waterproofing issues. They can cause water to collect in the soil outside your foundation. This exerts excessive pressure on the foundation walls and may cause them to bow inward. Cracks that form in these walls offer an easy path for water to penetrate the basement.

Have your gutters inspected and cleaned at least once a year. You should also have your downspouts inspected. If they drain less than three feet away from the foundation, have them lengthened.

  1. Invest in foundation repair

This is an obvious one. However, many people ignore the signs that their foundation is in need of repair. Obvious signs such as cracks should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Don’t do cosmetic repairs on your foundation. Be sure to engage a professional to have your foundation inspected and the root cause of the problems identified. This ensures that a long term solution is applied.

  1. Invest in a sump pump

Finally, keep the water that does get into your basement from flooding your basement by having a sump pump installed. A sump pump will keep your basement dry by pumping water out before it accumulates. Be sure to have a secondary back up sump pump installed as well. This backup pump will take over when the primary pump fails.

Follow these four tips to keep your basement dry and avoid the expenses and inconveniences of cleaning and drying your basement.


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